We offer a range of Consultancy services but are not limited to the ones listed below. Our clients have needs in various parts of their business and we aim to assist as best we can.


Learning Consultancy

Any organisation needs to see results through employee performance.  Staff performance is sometimes hampered by external factors, known or unknown. Our learning consultants are skilled in identifying performance and skills gaps and able to identify,  influence and motivate for the correct training and development required.
Part of this performance improvement process is working through the recruitment process and talent acquisition resulting in a change in behaviour and reaching the organisation’s end goal of peaked performance. Cost quoted per hour or per 6 monthly support contract.


Learning Process Auditing

A Learning strategy is at it’s peak when run by an efficient administration policy. Correct processes allow for minimal errors and downtime.  Invite our Admin Auditors to inspect, dissect, collaborate and effectively deliver a stringent yet flexible admin policy.  No more loss of precious time or money due to ineffective processes. – Cost quoted per hour or per 6 monthly support contract.

Freelance Facilitation

Are your facilitators in your organisation tied down and unable to fulfill your learning calendar? Our skilled and certified facilitators are able to deliver offerings administered by your organisation with ease. Please contact us to discuss this service in more detail.


Freelance ETDP Assessments and Moderation

Our skilled and certified Assessors and Moderators ensure the utmost integrity when assessing and moderating.  We take pride in ensuring that learners and assessors receive constructive feedback encouraging effective learning to take place. – Cost quoted per hour or per portfolio of evidence