Sam’s Story…

Your goal is in sight just reach for it

So, let’s get real for a moment.  I can share with you how successful I am and tell you about all my achievements and awards to show how capable I am in my role as Life Coach.  Here’s the thing…I’m not perfect and didn’t have a perfect life.  My successes didn’t come without trial and error sometimes. Life has taught me a couple of lessons along the way, which I am sure some of you can relate to. I still learn everyday, but showing up with gratitude each time, makes the hard lessons so worth it. Let me share some of my life story… 

Coming from a fair-sized family i.e. Mom, Dad, and 3 younger siblings – 2 of which are twin boys!  I was raised in an environment where poverty and abuse were our daily norm.  A school environment where bullies felt empowered when they attacked my self-esteem and appearance on a daily basis. Attending school and being told that our teachers are our second parents and to respect them – only to be molested by one for many months. Completing high school and not being able to attend University to attain my Psychology degree, because my parents were dealing with a divorce, which brought so much trauma along with it. Finances were few and far between. I was forced to enter the working world with absolutely no experience, which along with it brought abuse and torment by the more experienced colleagues. I worked in industries such as Risk Management, Physical Security Services, Change Management, HR, Project Management and Learning and Development.  All these roles have exposed me to experiences of either personal growth or personal downfall.  I was astounded at how the people could be so cruel to me at times. I’m such a good person, didn’t they see it?  Why would they feel it is ok to treat me with such disrespect, hatred and judgement etc.  Life was hard in the working world!

I have had many losses in my lifetime – jobs, friends and family to death. Having to see your mom suffer with cancer for 3 years is heartbreaking, but I was grateful for the opportunity to prepare for that loss. I have been hospitalised with illnesses and felt hopeless. But I survived it!! I have had my heart broken, promises broken, relationships destroyed, money and possessions lost.  I have been hurt by individuals I thought would have my back. I felt unloved, unappreciated, being taken advantage of and the list goes on and on. I can decide to blame the world for my hardships and praise myself for my successes, but the truth is, I was ultimately responsible for giving away my power and tried to control situations and people. I had made some serious realisations about myself. I could choose to play the victim or take the bull by the horns and do what I have been purposed to do – and that was to help and serve others!  I became heightened to others struggles and instead of being an enabler I chose to empower them.  This strong desire brought me to my calling to serve mankind as a certified NLP Life Coach, Certified TimeLine Therapist, Accredited Enneagram Practitioner as well as an Accredited Learning Facilitator.  All these roles allow me to engage and connect with individuals, I know for certain, was meant to cross my path at that time.

These are bits and pieces of my life.  Moments I am forever grateful for, as these moments transformed me into a successful individual who achieves whatever she sets her mind to. An individual who’s love for the human race has made her the go-to person for those in need of a shoulder to cry on, seeking guidance, love, affection, understanding and hard truth with no judgement.

So…Why Life Coaching?  I think it’s a given.  You see, I have experienced Life in all forms and spheres.  What better tool to have than the know-how and ability to overcome those dark challenging moments in your personal and professional life. It is my divine calling to empower and equip others to overcome adversity.  I’ve been there, I know how and what you feel and what you are enduring. Allow me to facilitate your positive change and to share in your growth and celebrations. What do you have to lose?

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